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Euro Millions Rules

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The rules for EuroMillions are briefly outlined below. For a full description of the rules for players of EuroMillions visit the National Lottery website. Unless otherwise stated the rules below apply both to EuroMillions tickets purchased at retail outlets and online:
  • All players of EuroMillions must be aged 16 or over in order to purchase a ticket or claim a prize.
  • To play EuroMIllions online you must be a resident of the UK or the Isle of Man.
  • For tickets purchased at a retail outlet claims for prizes must be supported by a EuroMillions Ticket issued at the playing till, the play slip completed before a ticket is purchased is not valid for claiming a prize
  • Once purchased tickets cannot be cancelled and no refunds will be given.
  • Tickets must be purchased by 7.30 pm on the day of the relevant draw,
  • Selected numbers on tickets cannot be changed after purchase.
  • Winning tickets purchased through a retailer must not be defaced, changed or mutilated in anyway.
  • It is the responsibility of the player to claim any prize due on winning tickets purchased through a retailer.
  • Prizes for tickets purchased online over 5,000 must be claimed by telephoning the National Lottery on 0845 278 8000, prizes up to 5,000 are paid into your bank account and prizes up to 500 are paid into your National Lottery account.
  • All prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the draw date, otherwise the winnings will be donated to good causes.
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