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Euro Millions UK Lottery Website

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The Euro Millions UK website provides an online guide to playing the EuroMillions lottery in the UK. Euro Millions UK is an independent website and not associated with the EuroMillions lottery draw.

The Start of the Euro Millions Lottery

EuroMillions was launched by the Française des Jeux in France, the Loterias y Apuestas del Estado in Spain and Camelot in the Uk on Saturday February 7, 2004.

Playing Countries
United Kingdom
The first EuroMillions lottery draw took place on Friday February 13, 2004 in Paris. The countries involved were the UK, France and Spain.

Today EuroMillions is Europe's largest jackpot lottery and is played in the following countries Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK.

The original once a week EuroMillions lottery draw is now made twice a week and a UK millionaire winner is guaranteed in the raffle held with each draw.

Euro Millions Tickets and Lottery Draws

EuroMillions ticket prices in the UK are £2 per line. In the UK EuroMillions lottery tickets can be purchased in the same retail outlets selling tickets for the National Lottery. Tickets can also be purchased online on the National Lottery website. Players must be at least 16 years old.

Twice weekly lottery draws take place on Tuesday and Friday evenings. In the UK the Friday draw is televised on BBC 1 at 11.35 pm, the Tuesday draw is not currently televised. The draws themselves take place in Paris.

For each £2 ticket UK players receive one line in the main EuroMillions draw and an entry into the EuroMillions raffle, with a prize of a million pounds to the winning ticket in the UK.

The Euro Millions Jackpot Prize

The EuroMillions Jackpot prize is shared among the Jackpot winners in all the participating countries. All other prizes are distributed among the players in the particpating countries in proportion to the amount of funds received for tickets sold. All prizes in the UK, including the Jackpot, are tax exempt.

Euro Millions UK is not associated with the National Lottery. The Euro Millions UK website offers an impartial and independent information resource for people in the UK who wish to play the EuroMillions lottery.
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